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A Cannes Update

May Cannes Update.png

By Global CCO Jonatha​n Harries

If the Cannes Advertising Festival had been ​up and running in 1907, Albert Lasker, the guy who founded the agency that became Foote, Cone & Belding, would have won the Titanium Lion. No question about it.
That’s the year he persuaded the California Fruit Growers Exchange not just to change their name to Sunkist, but also to sell a device that allowed consumers to do something they’d never done before: make orange juice.
Orange juice? I know, it sounds weird to think that no one had ever done it before but it’s true. Probably no weirder than FCB Mayo’s “Water from Air” billboard sounded before they actually made it.
In the 1920s, FCB was “creating content” on the radio networks and doing the same thing when TV started. Exactly the same way that FCB Chicago does for KFC on YouTube.
As the poet and playwright Edna St. Vincent Millay said, “Life is not one damn thing after another. Life is the same damn thing over and over.”
So here we are, a month from Cannes, with a whole bunch of really interesting, mind-boggling, behavior-changing ideas. We’re entering quite a lot – too many to show here – but the following stories will give you a little taste:
  • ​​​CNA​​ "Speaking Exchange, featured on AdWeek
  • UTEC "Purifying Billboard", featured on Time​
  • KFC "Corsage"​​ , featured on People Magazine