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A One-off Spot Turns Into Much More

I don’t think it crossed our mind at the time that a one-off spot we would do for Cox to promote its Internet service would essentially become a very funny sitcom-style campaign. Have you met the Hatterys yet?

The first TV spot, “Bonding Time” was centered on the idea of a dad and son trying to make the most out of their situation – life without Cox.  In keeping with the human insight of turning a negative into a positive we presented a well-intentioned father, Paul Hattery, who used buffering time as bonding time with his mortified teenage son, Tyler.

The dynamic between father and son was incredible and we quickly recognized the talent and improv ability of our two actors. So we decided to take it to the next level.

The spots that followed brought new characters to the storyline and allowed us to simultaneously introduce other Cox services, including DVR (check out the spot “Compete”).  Once we set our characters in motion the whole series morphed into what we now recognize as the first 60-second sitcom.

By Q4 our fun-loving family switches to Cox services and the comedy just continues. The two latest spots, “I Called Them” and “Whole Home Partay” tap into the personalities of the Hattery family members, especially the dad, who has an eagerness to make the most of everything. Now as Cox subscribers, life is better at the Hattery home. The kids are happy; mom is happy; and dad is very happy. He’s a super fan. He’s driving his family nuts. And it’s hilarious.

Ultimately, we had two parallel stories come from this project – the evolvement of a storyline and creation of a 60-second sitcom along with the development of a broader campaign and partnership with our client. Stay tuned for more Hattery family adventures!