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Bellying Up to the Bar for Good

By Sarah Small, corporate communications associate, New York

From their morning coffee to a late-afternoon pick-me-up, Draftfcb employees are fixtures at our in-house coffee bars in New York and Chicago. While sharing ideas, stories and laughter, staffers pay just $1 for the coffee or tea of their choice and just $2 for a specialty drink or parfait.
Draftfcb coffee bars provide more than much-needed caffeine boosts for employees. In New York, a team of creative and dedicated baristas have created new, thirst-quenching smoothies that come in different flavors depending on the season. This summer, for instance, the coffee bar features unique teas such as the green apple iced tea and chai spice tea latte and smoothies aptly named after staffers.
New York receptionists were the inspiration behind this summer’s new fruit smoothies. Baristas Davon and Derek challenged several to create their favorite combination. Those that were popular and routinely purchased by employees made it to the menu.
“Every season, we improvise and have fun,” said Derek. “We start on the seasonal drinks with the weather in mind first. Then add the inspiration of our chosen subjects. In winter you can expect warmer drinks, and in the spring we feature lighter drinks. Our summer smoothies have been our most successful creations yet.”
Among the biggest hits are Katherine’s creation called “Kat’s Paradise” and Sarita’s cocktail deemed the “Mango Berry Blast.” The most popular tea drink is the “Iced Black Tea Lemonade.”

The cool drinks have benefited more than agency staffers during the hot summer months. The smoothies have boosted profits, which is amazing for the benefactors of the coffee bar proceeds.
Since 1998, profits from products sold at Draftfcb’s coffee bars have supported One Heartland and Birch Family Camps, a safe space where children and families affected by HIV/AIDS can go to enjoy a real summer camp experience. In 1995, Howard Draft, executive chairman of Draftfcb, was deeply affected by a television show report about the camps and all they do to help these kids and their families. Howard pledged immediate support from Draftfcb and funds from the coffee bar have been committed to Birch every year since ’98. Each year, around $50,000 is donated to One Heartland and Birch Family Camps.
Patrick Kindler, executive director of One Heartland, believes “Birch Family Camps would be completely different without the support of Draftfcb over the years. We are continually in awe of this amazing commitment and the love Draftfcb shows our families every year.”
So next time you step up at the coffee bar, know that any smoothie, coffee, or tea you order not only tastes good, but is doing good!