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Bringing Home The ADDYs

By Noel Potts, senior copywriter, New York
Scorching, cloudless Phoenix was the setting for the 2013 National ADDY Awards on Saturday, June 8th at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. A difference I noticed immediately between this award show and others I’ve attended was the presence—and palpable pride—of smaller ad agencies and marketing firms from around the U.S.
With the exception of a cardboard cutout of Don Draper, I didn’t know a single attendee, so I put on my best mingle face and set out to small talk with those checking out the work showcased in the lobby before the show. I met folks from Evansville, Indiana, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and Salt Lake City, to name a few. This is an award show that celebrates American advertising, big and small, and doesn’t shy away from unknown brands and agencies. The judging panel digs deep to find nuggets of great work that often get overshadowed during the big international shows. It was a pleasure to watch these campaigns shine.
Some of my favorites included a digital video for Pepsi MAX called “Uncle Drew” by The Marketing Arm/Davie Brown Entertainment in Dallas Texas, a local :30 TV spot for the St. Louis Cardinals called “Bingo” done by HLK in St. Louis, and a digital campaign called “Help, I have the flu” by Tool in Santa Monica, which allowed you to digitally track down the person who gave you the flu and publically blame/shame them over social media.
Five campaigns were put to a live audience vote for the People’s Choice award: The Oreo Daily Twist, Old Spice Muscle Music, New York Writes Itself for the Village Voice, the DirecTV Platoon/Funeral/Wig Shop TV campaign, and Pepsi MAX “Uncle Drew.” Guess who won. It rhymes with Scaly Fist.
After all was said and done, I had an excess of screen time and five* awards to tote back to New York and confuse airport security with—a gold ADDY for Oreo Halloween Print, a gold ADDY for Oreo History Print, and a gold ADDY, People’s Choice ADDY and Best of Show ADDY for the Oreo Daily Twist.
Draftfcb New York undoubtedly made a name for itself at this year’s ADDY Awards. And speaking of names, it was announced at the show that starting next year, the ADDY’s will be dubbed the American Advertising Awards, complete with a new sleek trophy design. Congratulations to this year’s winners and good luck to next year’s hopefuls.
*Draftfcb Orange County also took home a Gold ADDY for Taco Bell’s “Bringing it to Bethel” campaign.