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Carmen’s Christmas in September

By Alain Hochar
Middle East Regional Creative Director and Beirut Acting General Manager
On a quiet Saturday evening, Carmen's parents took her for a walk in Beirut Souks, on what was her first outing after five days of chemotherapy. They grabbed a cup of strawberry ice cream, and as they stepped out of the shop, “Jingle Bells” started playing in the souks, while Christmas characters distributed red Santa hats to the astonished crowd.
Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter started approaching…
As the helicopter hovered at a low altitude, a red silhouette started its descent from the helicopter. Once Santa’s foot touched the ground, massive Christmas lights illuminated the souk's trees and the Christmas music became louder. The euphoric crowd started following Santa applauding and cheering until he reached… Carmen!
He chose her among the hundreds of people gathered to give her the gift she wished for Christmas, in the middle of a confetti storm. When Santa left, the above banner unfolded on the central wall. Tears filled the eyes of many, but not those of Carmen who was laughing and smiling, full of joy.
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