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Draftfcb Hosts Two Events at Cannt Festival

Draftfcb UK hosted two events for Camp Cannt at the third annual Cannt Festival, a week of events centred on the creative and advertising community. The festival ran throughout last week and was created for the capital’s adlanders who weren't at Cannes Lions, but have been involved in creating great work through the year.

Our first event was the sell-out Speed Critique organised and hosted by creative team Anna Gordon and Kate Lloyd. It was a great turn out, lots of young creatives up for the challenge and eight creative chiefs ready for wooing. Initial worried about the 3 minute “date” being too short were soon allayed. For the creative directors it was enough time to tell whether they would like to follow up at a later stage for a full book crit and for the young creatives it forced them to practice presenting their work in a clear, concise way. Plus, after such an intense process, they were more relaxed and ready to approach more people when mingling later on.
One girl in particular waited until the end of the evening to personally thank Anna & Kate for putting on the event. She was about to quit and move home after being disheartened by how much of a struggle the ad world was to break into, but because of the event she changed her mind. She was blown away by how nice and helpful everyone was about her work and is now excited, inspired and promised us she wouldn’t give up. She got 7 out of 8 dates so, if nothing else, we saved one creative life!
For a glimpse of the evening, please check out Draftcb London’sFlickr. Of course, most of the photos of our second event are NSFW but we can tell you a little more about it.

30 copywriters, a naked lady and Brian Badonde walked into a bar…and so our Tuesday evening CANNT festival event, Life Drawing For Copywriters, took its first steps into being. Creatives Colin Mitchell, Dan Shone and Sean Cullen, as well as one of the Cannt Festival’s founding organisers and Draftfcb’s Digital Creative Director Steven Bennett-Day, ran the event at Juno in Shoreditch but no one there knew quite what would happen once the lady disrobed and the scribblers took to their ledgers. However, with a beer in hand and pencils well sharpened, the writers got down to it. Writing, that is.
Just as in life drawing, our model Lilly took to a series of poses. Inspired by her body, her gestures and her marvellous tattoos, writers were asked to go through rounds of varying length and stimulus, experimenting with style and form, moving from haiku to limerick via internal monologue, short story and back. All-in-all the evening was deemed to be a soaring success with dozens of enquiries as to when we're running the next session. In the coming weeks we'll be collating the cream of the crop with the aim of putting together a mini newspaper setting the writing alongside sketches. Watch this space.