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Draftfcb New York Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Draftfcb CEO and President Laurence Boscetto addresses the New York office with Pam Wong, EVP media planning, and Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, AOTA founder.

“Diversity and Inclusion is an initiative at Draftfcb, and a lot of major companies, that is important because it’s a chance for us to celebrate the diverse constituents who live in our organization,”  Draftfcb CEO and President Laurence Boschetto said as he welcomed the crowd to the Asian Heritage Group’s (AHG) Asian American Art Exhibit.
In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month last month, the New York agency united to learn about culture.  May is a significant month as it marks the arrival in the U.S. of the first Japanese immigrants May 7, 1843 and also the contributions of Chinese workers to the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869.
The AHG also joined forces with Artists of the Americas (AOTA) who provided a gallery-style display of Asian Pacific American art. Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, founder of AOTA, spoke to the office about the significance of art. “Art is a portal to an open-ended story,” he said.
Each of the artists’ work that was featured had their own unique story. Jeannie Choe, for instance, is a Korean-American painter who has won international acclaim for her work. At one point, she put her paintbrush down to focus on her family, but now with their support, she is back to painting.
Attendees enjoyed the awe-inspiring work over cocktails and Asian-inspired cuisine and learned a lot about the culture.
To learn more about AOTA, clickhere.