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ECD Favourites at Cannes Lions 2013

We caught up with some of the ECDs from Draftfcb to learn what their favourite and most inspiring campaigns at this year's Cannes Lions Festival were.
Alain Hochar, chief creative officer, Horizon Draftfcb MENA
Campaign title: Empty shop
Agency/Country: LODUCCA São Paulo / BRAZIL

Why I liked it: A simple idea for a complex cause, brilliantly executed.
Dennis Lueck, executive creative director, Draftfcb Zurich
Campaign title: Scorecleaner
Agency/Country: DOREMIR / Sweden
Why I liked it: Of course, we all saw fantastic ideas and everybody was humming "Dumb Ways To Die" all over the Croisette. But there is one idea that immediately moved me. It was an idea for a mobile app, and while I was watching the case study, I downloaded the app onto my device – that's how big the impact was on me.
The idea is that it translates your own singing, for example in the shower, into real notes, so you can not just memorize the melody, but directly transfer it to your guitar or piano. Afterwards you can work on the melody, create an entire song, become famous and get filthy rich.  For me as a professional shower singer, this is a revolution for my life. Thank you, DOREMIR and MOBIENTO for this
wonderful, life-enriching idea!
Eddie Wong, national executive creative director, Draftfcb China
Campaign title: Aboslut Unique
Agency/Country: Family Business, Stockholm

Why I liked it: IBM's “People for Smarter Cities” project is marvelous but my vote for favourite goes to "Absolut Unique" - it's really a unique creative business idea. With each bottle featuring a unique design Absolut Unique is….unique!
Brett Morris, group executive creative director, Draftfcb South Africa
Campaign title - TKTBKS from Smart Comms (Mobile Grand Prix)
Agency/Country: DM9 / Manilla
Why I liked it: It's not just a great idea, it's an idea that repurposed old tech, which would otherwise be pollution, in a way that improved education in the 3rd world. Relevant for the brand and a game changer for the category. Simply brilliant.