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Eddie Wong, National Executive Creative Director, Draftfcb in China – Spikes 2012

Spikes was my first time judging an award show’s Craft category. There was less pressure and it was more relaxed as the number of entries were definitely lower than any other category. The beauty of this is that I got to see craft entries across all of the categories.  The brief was simple and relative to the category – we had to judge craft as a service to an idea. Looking at how an idea would not work without the service of “art direction”, “photography”, “cinematography”, “animation”, “illustration” etc.
The jury and I were constantly in discussion (and that’s something different when you judge other categories where you are not supposed to discuss) and sometimes disagreements when views were different, reminding each other to look out for scams and be wary about awarding entries with small clients.

In my judging category “Cokehands” won a Gold for “Art Direction” and eventually went on to win the Grand Prix. It was a clear winner! A big client and great encouragement for all in the industry. To me, I see the beauty of simplicity in the ad (or is that just the design) and in our terms we call it SIMPLENOUGH. The idea, the art direction and the illustration takes great discipline and skill to keep it to the minimum. It’s a great piece of work and for those who don’t know, this masterpiece came from a student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic whom the agency engaged. The agency took notice of him when he did a design to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. I will be waiting for him to graduate!