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Eight Ways To Use Social Media to Attract Traffic to Your Website

By Lola Alfonzo, senior digital manager, Mexico
Among the many advantages of using social media, there is a very obvious one: attracting traffic to your website. But traffic isn’t only generated merely because your networks exist or because you make a mention. Here are some social media best practices that you can follow to obtain optimal results:
1) Include your site's URL frequently. In all posts they have as a target, include the URL in the text, so your users are just a click away.
2) Remember images do not respond to clicks. Even if you include your URL as part of a chart, if you don't include also as part of the text, you will force your users to transcribe it, this will be reflected in loss of potential visitors. Including the site URL in your chart will help with awareness.
3) Explain what your site will be about. If it is not the typical institutional or informational website, it’s advisable that you provide users with some information in advance regarding what they will find there. That will help you attract more visitors. It’s also acceptable to use intrigue, rather than a complete explanation. In the end, your stats will reveal which method of attracting traffic works best for your audience.
4) Are you providing consistent information? Check how long your social networks users spend in your site, and how much interaction takes place. If they leave soon or if stats make you think they are not interested in your site, perhaps they aren’t finding what they expected to see after reading the post that led them there.
5) Always think of sharing socially. If your site allows interactions that are interesting to be shared in social media, make the most of it. Include a sharing button for social networks where your audience checks every detail on how content will be configured to be shared.
6) Be careful with image format. If you set an image as a link to the content you will be sharing in social networks, you can complicate measuring the impact of sharing through listening tools. A text component is always easier to track.
7) Monitor which days of the week and which times are best times for responses. Like your community manager, check which hours are best for your posts to get more interactions or likes. You can also cross your social networks stats with your analytics to optimize useful publication times for traffic attraction.
8) Take advantage of the seasonality your audience is interested in. Do not always use the same message while trying to attract social media users to your sites. If you know they are attracted by certain seasonalities, use creativity to give your posts a rotor approach that captures their attention and awakens their curiosity on visiting your web platform.