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Espresso of Innovation: Cocktails and Dreams

By Dan West, innovations manager, Draftfcb UK
Hello and welcome to this week's Espresso of Innovation; the hottest news and strongest stories from the world of creativity and technology filtered into a quick shot of inspiration. This week we’re going down the pub.
With Oktoberfest celebrations kicking off worldwide and London Cocktail Week in full swing, it’s the perfect time to talk about drinking. While Draftfcb recommends responsible drinking, I’m not here to talk interventions but inventions.
Tapping into maker culture are high-tech home brewersBrew Bot andPicoBrew Zymatic. With the “Nespresso for beer” smashing its funding targets already, how are brewers supposed to compete? To deliver the personalisation consumers now expect in an out-of-home environment, the flavour profile of a favourite home batch could be matched to name brands. This would help bar staff be better at up- and cross-selling.
For those who don’t want to turn their back room into a brewery, enter R2D2’s suave brothers:Monsieur andMakr Shakr.These machines learn your drinking preferences, crowd-sourced recipes and mix you a cocktail accordingly whileJames The One Armed Robot provides a social interface that knows when you want to be served. Though I doubt this will replace knowledgeable bartenders any time soon, in a busy club focused on sales volume and speedy service, these could certainly reduce queues at the bar. At slower times, they could also provide the perfect opportunity for brand suggestions to be featured.
One thing’s for certain, I wouldn’t make any trouble if we hadrobot bouncers too.