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fashioncheque “Style is a Gift”

By Draftfcb Amsterdam
fashioncheque is the most stylish gift card in the Netherlands. It's a fun way to receive and give fashion and it’s suitable for any gift-giving occasion: for birthdays, anniversaries or just as a little something for a good friend. We were briefed to create a TVC to highlight this thoughtful present just in time for the holiday season.
The card’s versitility was the inspiration for the new campaign slogan: “Style is a Gift” and fashion illustrations were used throughout because, as we know, fashion is created on the drawing board. This was a bold step for the client, who had previously only ever used real people. Luckily agency Unit CMA directed us to Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise. Her work had a style of its own and without being pretentious. This was important as the fashioncheque brand is very accessible at all times and the client loved her examples.
The storyline in the commercial is pretty straightforward. We follow a fun, stylishly dressed young woman in her black-grey-magenta world (the brand colours). The girl leads you through occasions when a fashioncheque can be given or received. The spot could easily have been a bit too sentimental, so we used music to create the stylish and upbeat mood. Through Massive Music we heard “Diving For Sunken Treasure” by I Can Chase Dragons!, a Mexican artist. With its catchy, rock beat we never grew bored of hearing it and knew it was the right choice.
Kreukvrij, a Dutch, Amsterdam based motion design studio took control of the animation using the rotoscope technique to keep movement natural. So first we did a shoot with models, scene by scene. After that, Esra and the animators drew and coloured the frames. Doing so much craftwork in a short time was quite a challenge for both parties. Though it was a big task the whole team including the client loved the process – and the result too.
Watch the making of film below.