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Fast Cars. New Perspective.

This is the sixth installment of the Global Talent Spotlight, an in-depth look at employees from all over the globe who take their creativity to the next level. From street artists, singers and comedians to painters, authors and documentarians, our FCB family is full of amazingly interesting people who all have a story to share. 

By: Sami Joe Mansour, Studio & Production Manager, Horizon FCB in Beirut

Being a petrol head and a speed fanatic, I always had one goal in mind: to be recognized in the automotive field in Lebanon.

Owning a sports car helped me to reach my goal. I started organizing rides with some other friends in the same car group category, always carrying my brand-new camera with me to take some pictures and post them on social media such as Instagram.

As an art director and photo retoucher, I started looking at those pictures from a different perspective. I always thought that something was missing and that I needed to add my own touch to make them a bit more interesting.

After a while, I started thinking of ways to get to a higher level. I had to become known in the Lebanese supercars scene. It all became clear when I saw a Ferrari parked on the side of the road. I took a quick snap, came back home and started editing with one goal in mind: to get the attention of the Ferrari Club of Lebanon.

Two days later, after posting the picture on social media, I got an invite to one of their rides. (Happiest day of my life!!)

I became part of their events and organized rides. And I had a major role now: keeping things memorable through my lens and skills. I had to experiment and learn new photography and retouching techniques. I was introduced to Adobe Lightroom, which I had never heard of before. Learning this program has even helped me a lot in my work at HORIZON FCB. By adding my personal touch to projects I have worked on, the final pieces became more interesting and the layouts felt more alive.

After only 8 months, I can say that I am known in the supercars scene. I am one of the most recognized automotive photographers in Lebanon, with over 3,500 followers on Instagram and 1,500 likes on my Facebook page.

My work became international. It has been featured on different renowned accounts on Instagram such as @black_list and @ferrarimotorsport, with over 50,000 likes for each one of my pictures. Moreover, I’ve been featured on one of the top automotive car spotters from Italy, Marchettino, whose Facebook page has 3.3 million likes.

Instagram: @samijoephotography