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Field Report of Advertising Week Experience

By John Riccobono
New York Talent Manager

Various members of our team here at Draftfcb had the pleasure of enjoying a “Technology Expert” guided tour of the AWE (Advertising Week Experience).  The event was held in the Time Center and included a multi-floor display of booths and presentations lead by companies displaying the latest and greatest in emerging technologies. In total, 30 companies were in attendance, with technologies ranging from cloud services to image-based communication and everything in between.
There were many highlights, among them an organization called Pearl Media which builds and executes 3D projection mapping on existing buildings and architectures.  Imagine walking through the streets of midtown Manhattan with top brands broadcasted on the sides of buildings, no matter the dimensions. 
Rallycrew was there taking social media to all new heights with its barrage of beautiful mosaics built from Twitter profile pictures.  With a simple tweet equipped with the appropriate hashtag, you could find yourself as a mini square amongst thousands of others arranged to form some beautiful aesthetic, one of which was Katy Perry’s face!
One final highlight was the Second Screen Society, which aims to leverage the multitude of devices we all hold in our hands as we’re watching television.  Consider it a supplementary social experience that synchronizes to your tablet dependent on what television program you’re currently watching.
Other brands included were SurveyMonkey, Telemundo, Tivo, LG, and Microsoft Advertising.