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Five Things You Need To Know About Our New Brand

​You've probably heard that Draftfcb is now FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding). It's an exciting time for our agency - we've simplified our brand name to reflect our focused identity and direction.

fcb logo.jpg

Curious about the new brand and logo? Here are a few key things to know:

1.    Our new global logo is colorful – it depicts the colors of the flags in our 90 operating countries, incorporating each country's local attributes while embodying the strength of our global network.

2.     The new logo was designed by FCB International Chief Creative Officer Luis Silva Dias.

3.       Most local offices have added the city or country in which they operate to their logos, for instance, FCB Mexico, FCB Paris or FCB Warsaw. 


4.        There are a few exceptions. In some markets, the name of an acquired company has been added due to its local equity and relevance. This is the case in London, where the office is now FCB Inferno. Additionally, in instances where there is an agency with specific expertise, it has taken on that name, as with FCB Health. 


5.       In rare cases, the name of a highly respected creative leader will be used to further enhance the office's delivery and reputation. That is the situation in New York, where the agency has been renamed FCB Garfinkel.


Read the full press release on the name change by clicking here.

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*All photos have been contributed by FCB employees