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Getting to Know Karen Spiegel

Karen Spiegel is EVP, Global Chief Communications Officer and joined Draftfcb in November 2013. Here's a little insight into the mind and habits of the communication guru.

1-Why did you choose the communications field?
I started my career working at ABC in a television newsroom, years before social media controlled the perception of how consumers viewed the world. It was TV that was influential and it was exciting for me to understand and play a role in how news items are positioned and perceived. It taught me what stories are newsworthy and credible.

2-What is your favorite travel destination?
There are so many places I want to visit. I’m curious by nature and continually want to experience new things and new destinations. Of the places I have been, Sonoma in California was tops for wine and weather; Florence in Italy for food and art and Cuba for the music and spirit of the people.

3-Best social media tip?
Be authentic and timely. Depending on the channel, the more humorous, bizarre or beautiful scores points.

4- Sweet or salty?
I love both. My favorites under sweet include dark chocolate, coffee ice cream and black licorice. For salty, it’s pickles and parmesan cheese.

5- What skills that you learned in law school help you most in your day job?
Two areas have become invaluable: logic and critical thinking. Both help me everyday in everything I do.

6-What do you have in store for Draftfcb?
Change the perception of the agency. I have only been here a few weeks but have already noticed that there are many exceptionally talented people who are waiting to be seen and heard.

7-Biggest lesson you have ever learned?
My father used to say: “Even if he is the President of the U.S., he puts his pants on one leg at a time.” It puts things in perspective.

8-Best advice you have ever received?
The only stupid question is the one you were afraid to ask.

9-Little known fact?
I'm an abstract painter.

10-What's currently on your playlist?
Latin, jazz and opera.