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Getting to Know Sebastien Desclée

Sebastien Desclée is President of Draftfcb International and joined the network earlier this month. We asked him a few questions, so you could get to know him better. Take it all in below.
What brought you to advertising?
A coincidence, I was at P&G working on Femcare and planning to move to another role within the company in Geneva but my agency at the time, Leo Burnett Brussels put me forward for the MD job at Publicis Brussels. I took it…rightly so.
What’s your secret to success?
There is no secret. What I try to do is have a deep understanding of the people, our clients, their brands, the ideas and then put the right bridges and chemistry together for success.
What’s top of your list for Draftfcb?
Outstanding creative work for our current and future clients.
What does creativity mean to you?
The art of mixing two existing concepts together brilliantly and from these, make a new one that is loved by consumers and admired by the industry.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
When in front of two options, go for the toughest one, it's the one that will have the bigger impact.
Best advice you’ve ever given?
Good question…Give your client what he needs, more than what they want.
What’s the most exciting thing happening in advertising RIGHT NOW?
Every day bring news possibility to create, to interact with consumers…All these changes are incredible opportunities that we need to embrace.
Name your five absolute must haves if stranded on a deserted island.
My family, my friends, good Belgian beers, Italian food and my iPhone.
What would you be doing if you weren’t in the advertising industry?
I would love to be a farmer…actually a gentleman farmer.
Toughest lesson you learned in your career so far?
Never a dull moment.
What is your career highlight to date?
My first 3 lions with Publicis Brussels in 2011 and of course Cannes 2012 with 14 Lions at Duval Guillaume, Media agency of the year and 2 Lions at Publicis Brussels…such an amazing team moment.