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How We Won A Trip to the Cannes Lions Festival

By Abraham Martinez, copywriter, Rafael Betancourt, junior art director, Aileen Mercado, planner, Yessica Mancera, account supervisor, Draftfcb Mexico

Our Draftfcb Mexico office held an internal contest to send a winning team to the Cannes Festival in June. The challenge: teams of four members, including a creative duo + one planning executive + one account executive, would compete to create a winning campaign idea for one of the agency's clients. More than 80 ideas were presented. Out of those 80, five were presented to clients, five were sold, and four were produced. The office then voted on the best one, and the winning team will be flown to Cannes in just a couple of weeks. Here's what the winning team had to say about being selected for the Cannes trip.
The agency organized a contest. The copy on the call for entries poster read, "All you need is love," and somehow, almost prophetic and right, I think that’s exactly what it took for us to win. There were four of us on the team, and if we had to use one word to define and connect us, that word is "love.” Every one of us, in our day-to-day trenches, does things with love. Like re-making a layout just minutes after having believed it to be done. Wearing down keys and neurons searching for the right word to give birth to decent copy. Living between a rock (client) and a wall (creative), between the devil and the deep blue sea, and still being able to carry a smile while heading into those very productive meetings. Or attending dozens of focus groups with a very sharp mind ready to find an insight in a haystack.
Then of course, we work hard to present ideas that we like, ideas that the lady who lovingly prepares our breakfast could understand, but also, at the same time could positively embarrass our VPs.
To be honest, we were up against many great ideas, and we won by one vote. Lucky? We don’t think so. Rather, we believe this profession requires a lot of patience, and in the same way that it gives you success, it often gives you experiences that change your life.
We all want to win a Cannes Lion, but to experience the festival is perhaps one of the most important, intangible awards, because after a week, it disappears. You can’t save it or place it in your office or try to use it as a weapon for an interview. But knowing that we will be at the same scene as the people who made us fall in love with this profession is just as inspiring as winning a Lion.
What we expect from this experience is that it will become a flashback to one of those moments where advertising had an almost hypnotic power of seduction. But above all, at the festival, we hope to discover the significant scope of this business which, by the way, we hope remains an eternal playground where we are paid to do what we like.