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I've got an idea!

By John Polacek, senior developer, Chicago

On my blog, I’ve written before about how I come up with ideas for open source projects. I’ve also written about my criteria for the types of ideas I like to pursue. While it’s good to have that, ultimately, what you want is to come down with a bit of the madness over an idea and just execute.
When inspiration hits, it’s usually the combination of two or more things colliding together in your brain to give birth to something else.
Case-in-point: Recently, three of my co-workers launched a new high-end line of quality room spray designed for men. The product is called Archer Air Superiority and it comes in scents like ‘distillery’, ‘hunting lodge’ and ‘European sports car’. It’s a product targeted at the man’s man.

Seeing the Archer posters  around the office was the first part of my inspiration. The second part comes from our dev ops guy who comes up with some creative and hilarious passwords for our web servers. Every time he sends me a new ssh credential, it inevitably cracks me up. He follows the multiword approach with some special characters sprinkled in. This, coupled with the clever marketing behind Archer Air Superiority sparked this idea to create a password generator targeted at men. 
The key to shipping your ideas out into the world is to strike while the iron is hot. Don’t overthink it, just do it. This is what happed to me when I was walking around the 18th floor of Draftfcb Chicago when, boom! I had an idea. A few days later, I launched Passwords for the Manly Man.

I enjoy doing funny little bite-sized projects like this and it’s great to see others getting some chuckles out of it too on Twitter and Reddit. Check out some of the fun password combinations like ‘virile.wolf+passion-MAC10’, ‘blazing fireball+buzzsaw-F15’ and ‘titanium.panzer-might~9MM’.