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Innovation and Content are Keys to Retention

Flavio Pantigoso, a new member of the team at FCB Mayo is looking to redesign the international structure of the agency in his role as Creative Director of a new Innovation and Content unit. Alongside Humberto Polar, who is now the regional CEO responsible for the executive management of all branches of FCB Mayo Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, they spoke with La Republica regarding the future of advertising: 

“Flavio and I had a great experience when I invited him to join Lowe Mexico in 2006. For a few years we did world-class work and formed a fantastic young team – we really like the idea of ​​repeating these achievements in an era where innovation is the key to retention,” said Humberto.

Flavio added, “[The Innovation and Content division] is about communication formats and exploring ways to establish contact between brands and the public so that they can break through the constraints of today and expand what advertising agencies can or should do; or dare to do things within already established formats that are extraordinary. High exposure projects within a holistic perspectives will provide gloss and grandeur for our clients and the agency.”