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Inspiring The Next Generation

It's always an exciting day when kids can join their parents at work. This year, on April 24, Take Your Child to Work Day in the U. S., FCB seized the opportunity to give employees' children the chance to both learn about and experience what their parents do at work each day. We packed in lots of exciting, fun and inspiring activities for the future generation of possible advertising professionals.  

In the Big Apple, kids visiting FCB Garfinkel and FCB Health started their day with Dana Maiman, president and CEO of FCB Health, who came to greet and chat with the attendees. Creative staffers worked with the kids in three groups. The brief? Create a cereal brand. Once each group came up with the name of their cereal, each child designed his or her own cereal box and worked to make three group commercials with our internal Motion Graphics troops. You can view the commercials here

In the Windy City, FCB kids joined "Under Agency," the name of FCB Chicago's mock agency for the day. The day started with a brief that tasked the kids  with a mock-project from a not-so-mock client: write a rap song for an upcoming commercial. The children  broke into five groups and went to the studio and started brainstorming. Participants were given the opportunity to record these songs in the studio and to later present them to a real FCB team.

Thanks to all the energetic and creative volunteers who helped make Take Your Child to Work Day so special at FCB. To see more photos, click here.


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