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Laundry Lovers

FCB Milan designed and developed a cheeky new campaign which uses some dirty tactics to get men to help clean up (see what we did there). Women can send a 90 second video to their partner, featuring an Italian lothario makes a real song and dance telling the viewer why his girlfriend loves him (hint for the gentlemen: it's because he helps out around the house by doing the laundry). The twist comes half way through where he shows a picture of his lady to camera...and it's the recipient's girlfriend!

The creative idea, made for clients Reckitt Benckiser and Bosch, was born from the insight that Italian men are reluctant to do laundry. The challenge was to create a light-hearted way to persuade the men in their lives to do laundry, without nagging, while at the same time showing that Bosch Eco Silence washing machines and Calgon are the perfect combination for an enjoyable washing experience.

From the site, users can customize music videos with their own photos and send them to their significant other to make them jealous. As well as the branded music experience, the campaign also has a competitive aspect with prizes of 10 Bosch Eco Silence washing machines, Calgon two-in-one gel and a quarterly premium Spotify memberships up for grabs.

Watch “Enjoy the Wash” below: