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More Than Just An Internship

By: Alex Kreinces, New Business Intern, FCB Garfinkel

As an intern at FCB Garfinkel in New York, I know what it’s like to work in the advertising industry. Sure, you’re probably thinking, “He’s just an intern how much could he really know aside from everybody’s coffee order?” Well, I can promise you that the only person I have gotten coffee for is me.

From the get-go, interns at FCB Garfinkel and FCB Health become part of agency teams. They are assigned challenging projects and tasks and encouraged to think big. I have been fortunate to work in the ever-changing, always-crazy-busy and incredibly interesting New Business department.

My experience as a New Business intern is perpetually educational. Having the opportunity to participate in brainstorming sessions, assist with presentation preparation and helping to develop New Business pitches has solidified my interest in the industry. I’m all in when I graduate from American University in two years.

 New Business exposes you to all aspects of the agency, including account and creative teams, corporate communications and the presentation department, facilities management teams, production teams and more.  I have seen it all!

FCB Garfinkel and FCB Health combined have 34 interns this summer in many different positions and departments. Whether it is human resources, corporate communications, account planning or creative, FCB Garfinkel and Health interns are shining. How, you might ask? Well, when we are given assignments and projects that may be shown to a client, potential new business partner or someone who works in the agency, we deliver top-notch work that is completed on time and exceeds expectations set by our supervisors.

Robert Fitzgerald, a strategic planning intern at FCB Health from Tampa, Florida, has worked on a number of projects and has conducted many hours of research. Robert is an extremely hard working individual and set his standards high for his summer at FCB Health. “My expectations for the internship were ridiculously high. I was intimidated to the point of over preparing and I was thinking this might be the hardest experience of my life,” Robert said. “At times, it still is, but it is different from what I expected. The environment is relaxed, and yet tons of work get done every day. I love it, really; it feels so natural to work in an environment like this.”

Carli Wall, an account management intern at FCB Garfinkel from Kirkland, Washington, said she enjoys working at FCB Garfinkel because of the “positive environment and friendly office vibe.” Carli said the people she works with are “extremely genuine and down to earth and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns.” Carli also mentioned that she has had the opportunity to work in multiple departments within the agency, which makes the internship both “challenging and exhilarating.”

FCB is known for its diverse, passionate group of thinkers, creators, poets, artists and technologists devoted to creating marketing ideas that change behavior, and interns are certainly a part of the equation.

Christel Bernardo, a project management intern at FCB Health from Manila, Philippines, has enjoyed many aspects of her internship, including working with various teams and learning how to build ideas off of one another. “Overall, I think the most exciting part about the intern project are those “eureka moments” when coming up with the best strategy for the creative brief.

A great aspect about interning at FCB is that the experience expands beyond the office walls. As an intern group, we have become good friends, teammates and co-workers. We get together once a week for a lunch ’n’ learn, where an FCB team member comes to speak to us about their job and what they do. We celebrate birthdays and business victories together, and have gotten to know one another as individuals, not just interns.

So far, interning at FCB has been such a rewarding experience. Between growing as young professionals and making great friends, we really are a lucky group of people to have been afforded the opportunity to have “real world” experiences and the chance to work at one of the largest agencies in the world. Each day, we walk in eager to get to work, bringing positive energy and new ideas to the table.

Now, does this sound like the kind of internship where we get coffee and make photocopies all day? I didn’t think so either.