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Musikvergnuegen: It All Starts With Temp Music, But Then What?

You can probably all name the sexy soundtrack to the Levi’s 501Laundrette ad and as soon as I hear “Venus” by Bananarama I think of a particular brand of razors.
Throughout adland’s history, music has been used to lift a good idea to an extraordinary execution. Draftfcb’s own example has been to sample Bob Marley’s “One Love” in theJamaica Tourist Board campaigns since 1994, instantly transporting the consumer to the laid-back island.  
Walter Werzowa from Musikvergnuegen has created some of the most memorable audio branding in recent times for superbrands such as Intel, Samsung, LG and Red Bull. He believes that as 99% of advertising only engages two senses, when visuals and sound "fit", effectiveness grows exponentially. He led a workshop at this year’s Eurobest Festival to help us all think about how we can best use sound design in our future campaigns.
During the workshop we went through the case of The Red Bull Stratos Promo and got to know the complicated process of creating this intricate music, so it could work on many levels, even if cut in pieces. We also got to see (or rather hear), how badly chosen music can ruin the whole clip.
He told us to remember when music for a spot is being created that each temp track can be adjusted when the picture gets re-edited: the tempo can be changed by a track, key or other elements. All these changes influence the final atmosphere of the spot.
There are of course, legal implications in using music. However, a copyright is only protected for 80 years, so, we can always use some "oldies but goodies" in a creative way. For example, the twist on this Beethoven "old piece" in KIA's commercial.

But the most important tip I learned from this workshop, is how to brief the studio properly. We all need to start from somewhere so to get your vision across to the studio, it's good to give them references of your own. That's why one should listen to many different kinds of music and explore it as deep as possible, because the bigger your private "database" is, the easier it is to come up with a proper reference.