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New York Celebrates SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Win

Posted by Jillian Sorgini, Corporate Communications Associate

Special guests from SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment delighted Draftfcb New York staffers at an agency/client celebratory kick-off party June 7 in the shop’s 7th Floor Coffee Bar area. Decked out in tuxedos, a pair of penguins traipsed around the floor, hamming it up for the dozens of gleeful onlookers snapping their pictures.

Penguins Pete and Penny were immune to the fanfare and multiple flash photos. They were professional and left the monkey business up to Prim and Rue, the marmosets that also joined in the celebration. George, the Hornbill, stayed close to his handler, preferring to let photos be taken from afar.

Global CEO Laurence Boschetto, Dana Maiman, CEO of New York and other key Draftfcb execs joined SeaWorld Senior Marketing Officer Peter Frey and Senior Marketing Officer of Busch Gardens and Sesame Place Michael Hartman in sharing encouraging words about the partnership and the energy perpetually shown at all levels of our agency for our client’s business.

Everyone in the office united to celebrate the win and capture pictures with the animals. The excitement was palpable.

“This is exactly why we fought for this business,” Boschetto said as he addressed the crowd. “The SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment team brought a magical feeling to our office, a testament to the awe-inspiring moments that happen in their parks by the minute.”

After learning about the parks and their dedication to animals and a fun round of SeaWorld Parks trivia, Shamu ice cream bars were enjoyed by all.