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OREO Launches Daily Twist

Posted by Jillian Sorgini, Corporate Communications Associate
On the heels of the 100th birthday celebration and the iconic History Print campaign, OREO launched the Daily Twist in the U.S. on Monday, June 25. The Daily Twist taps into pop culture, but with an OREO twist. While the History Print effort depicted iconic moments from our past, the Daily Twist is a real-time reflection of a trending topic.

OREO Pride, the first in the series of 100, made quite the statement. With a rainbow of colors in lieu of the traditional white crème, the cookie’s celebration of love sparked a giant social conversation. More than 50,000 Facebook fans shared the image and applauded OREO for its support. Some fans even started a petition asking Kraft to create a rainbow cookie.

The press quickly joined the conversation, catapulting the ad to viral acclaim. Of its many accolades, Pride was named Creativity’s Pick of the Day.

“Pride” was certainly a tough act to follow, but Uggie the dog delivered. Stealing our hearts in his role in the Oscar-winning hit The Artist, Uggie is the first dog to leave his paw prints on Hollywood Boulevard. OREO celebrated this with their second execution “Pint-Sized Star Makes His Mark.”

Day 3’s Daily Twist paid homage to the late author and screenwriter Nora Ephron. Ephron captivated audiences with her quick-witted prose and knack for writing about relationships. Her most well-known movies include When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle. Ephron put an unforgettable twist on life and OREO saluted her with “Here’s to You, Rom-Com Queen.”

As temperatures soar to record highs, Daily Twist #4 provides relief. An ice-cold glass of milk accompanied by an OREO is the refreshing solution to beat the heat. The tropical umbrella doesn’t hurt either.
Daily Twists will continue on, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay tuned for more!