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Please Paint Responsibly

By Andie Bowers, art director, Chicago

There’s a new pairing for your favorite wine these days: paint. Thanks to a new trend taking off in cities all around the country, you can now enjoy your favorite beverage while creating a your very own piece of art. Companies like Colors & Bottles and PaintNite are changing the way you think about art and art classes. They connect you with a local artist who teaches an exclusive painting one step at a time, sharing tips and techniques along the way.

Staying true to our creative fashion, Draftfcb Chicago hosted the first ever Please Paint Responsibly event in September. Art Director and part-time Colors & Bottles instructor, Andie Bowers (me), taught the hour-long event to Draftfcb-ers. These lucky employees used primary colors and a little wine to create a masterpiece of their own. The event went across all departments allowing people to mingle with someone they may have never met; and cross-contamination of talent is always a good thing in an ad agency. In the end, everyone walked away with a painting of the Chicago skyline and a little more confidence in their art skills.
Please Paint Responsibly and other social painting events are great ways to promote creativity in yourself and your peers. Unlike studio painting classes, they offer a fun and relaxed environment where egos are set aside. The experience is a perfect way to relieve stress and explore your artistic abilities, whether you believe you have them or not. Best of all, you can bring something home other than a hangover.