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Premios Anda - Quite a Night for Draftfcb Venezuela

By Walter Boza
General Manager, Draftfcb Venezuela

If you followed our Twitter account on the night of September 13th (@draftfcbccs) you might have noticed it was quite a night for Draftfcb Venezuela.
The local creative awards ceremony was being held (Premios ANDA), at which we had a total of 11 finalists with the remarkable result of:

8 gold (7 for Adidas 1 for Amnesty International)
2 silver
1 bronze
1 Grand Prix
1 People’s choice awards (awarded by consumers, in which we won by a landslide… 92% of preference for Adidas spot)
… and as a bonus, Adidas won Client of the Year
… if this were baseball, we would be batting over 1.000!!!

Our work for Adidas stole the show. It is one of those ideas that creates cultural impact and that has been in conversations since it went on air back in June 2012. To give you an idea of how powerful the Adidas spot is let me give you a fact… we posted it on YouTube on Friday June 15th and in less than 24 hrs it had over 1 million views! The Adidas spot that stole the show is called  “Vinotinto,” and was created to promote the brand and its sponsorship of Venezuela’s national football team La Vinotinto, or “The Burgundy” (named for the color of their shirts). Check it out at
When we took over this agency in 2010, improving our creative output was one of our major challenges. And so we hired Exequiel Rodríguez in 2011. He and I had an agreement that before two years our agency would shine again, we would become exciting, attractive.  Last night we took a giant leap towards that end. My kudos to Exe! Thanks, my friend!
We had an awesome night, a night in which we earned a lot of respect from the industry, generated enthusiasm amongst talent (current and potential), and most importantly, became more attractive to potential clients. And that's an agency that I really love working at. Let's keep riding the wave!!!