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Regaining Control

By Mansura Ghaffar, corporate communications manager, New York

Change is always in the air. Whether it is in our personal or professional lives or even if the change does not affect us directly, we are always managing moments where our reaction to change is being judged and measured. That is what it means to be resilient – and resilience, what Merriam-Webster defines as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change” – was the subject at hand at last week’s Women’s Leadership Network event in New York. 
The workshop, “Resilience In Work and Life: Overcome Obstacles To Your Success,” led by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, was a refresher course for many of us who are stumped in the face of a curve-ball or just need a few practical tips on how to focus our thoughts when dealing with unplanned multi-tasking situations. It was a reminder that no matter how much we have prepped our game day strategy for that all important presentation or meeting, that knowing how to find your focus and recover from unexpected twists and turns is just as important (and in my opinion, more important) than expecting things to work out as planned.
In fact, the more we deal with the unexpected (and isn’t that the story of our lives in advertising), and learn to recover with grace and professionalism, resilience becomes second-nature. Nothing some humor, quick-wit, and on-the-go thinking can’t help solve. But for those of us who haven’t mastered those traits, or who just naturally freeze in-the-moment, the workshop provided participants with in the moment tips and tricks useful for reclaiming control such as “find your feet,” and “choose the right mantra.”
What are your resilience techniques?