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Simple ideas win

By Baptiste Szuwarski, copywriter at Draftfcb in Paris

Simple stories are often the best.
A strong idea that is easy to explain and share is the key to creating buzz. The realization of the simple idea can be more complex, more technological, as long as the basic concept is simple and smart.

One of the best examples of this was the Eurobest 2012 gold winner of the Outdoor category, Mercedes’ “The Invisible Driveˮ. It seems very technical but demonstrating the metaphorical idea of the car’s invisible impact on the environment to consumers in this way was a very simple concept.
After the various seminars and a look at the winners of the festival, I understand that this principle of simple and powerful ideas is not only good for clients, but also for agencies as it is these campaigns that routinely pick up the most awards.
I want to apply this lesson to my work by making sure I question every stage of my ideas. I will always ask myself if I have come up with an innovative, easy to understand and surprising solution but most importantly I will now ask, “Can I summarize my idea in a tweet?”
If I can leave you with one piece of advice, I would say, “All simple ideas are not necessarily good. But one thing is for sure: all the best ideas are simple.”