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So...did that really happen?

On January 24, our Chicago agency hosted the Draftfcb Impact Awards celebrating the work that’s had a positive impact on business, culture and the agency while demonstrating excellence in ideas, craft and execution. And what would an internal awards ceremony be without a “People’s Choice Award,” voted on by its peers?

One of the award recipients - senior art director Heather Barnes - shares with us a glimpse of her experience.

I woke up Friday morning after the Draftfcb Impact Awards, with a pounding headache and a foggy memory. I peeled back the covers and sat up slowly, surveying the room. I felt a bit like Leonard from the movie “Memento.”

Where am I? Wait, who am I?

Flashes of co-workers dancing and strange appetizers flashed through my mind.

What was that? Short ribs or pork belly? Nat Jones is a really good dancer. He DOES think he can dance…

I notice my coat hanging on the door.

Oh good, I didn’t leave it at the Hangge Uppe. Phew.

I poured myself a cup of coffee, and more memories of the night before came flooding back. I laughed to myself recalling the funny presenters.

Who knew the HR folks were so funny? Sue Bond? Killed it.
Deserving Kmart, (AKA Argo), won a lot of the awards. Howie and Sean were up there a lot. Howie’s bald head shined in the stage lights like the North Star.

Then the moment came, The People’s Choice. Zach and I had been nominated in many of the prior categories, but no wins. Just when we thought we were going to be the Susan Luccis of the Draftfcb awards, we heard Todd Tilford say…

“And the People’s Choice Winner is ‘Sandbox’…”


Zach and I looked over at each other, both of us doing our best impressions of a deer in headlights. We got up and headed towards the stage.

Please God don’t let me trip and fall right now.

Who knew a confused cat, mistaking a sandbox for a litter box would become so popular? Zach and I were told time and time again at ad school to avoid potty humor. Obviously, we didn’t listen very well.

Pooping is most always,


On behalf of all the great folks who worked on this – a sincere thank you.

It’s a great honor to get an award voted on by your peers – and a lot of talented ones at that.

We feel real special.

- Heather, Zach, Jon, Doug, Jen, Cody, Meghan, and Greg