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Standing Out From the Crowd

By Mansura Ghaffar, corporate communications manager, New York
Vitamins. Veggies. Soy. Rice. 
These were the four elements that more than 100 Draftfcb New York volunteers packed into each “Manna” pouch on Saturday, November 16. It was my first, but the third consecutive year that our employees partnered with theFeed My Starving Children charity andHealth & Humanitarian Aid Foundation to bring much needed meals to children in Africa. 
There is something to be said - and felt - about physically preparing food for those in need. I believe that every so often, it’s good to make a physical effort to perform a service to others. Packing food not only reinforced my awareness of the needy; it reminded me to be grateful, considerate, and to give thanks for what I have. 
As a public relations professional, I am frequently challenged to make my story standout from all the other worthy stories being shared. Amid all the information saturation, how do I find unique and genuine ways to reach a reporter, a client, an employee or any other stakeholder? Do something different is the time-honored way; but that’s much easier said than done. But I, along with 100+ Draftfcb volunteers did do something different on Saturday. And, that difference drove home the message that all of us need to give more, waste less, and remember those who are hungry. 
Draftfcb stood out and can now stand proud. Along with our partner organizations and other volunteers, we helped packed 251,000 meals.