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Tapping Talent to Bridge a Gap in Healthcare ​

By Lisa Varghese, senior medical director, and Daniel Chang, medical director, Draftfcb Healthcare

​​​We all know that talent is the lifeline of any agency. At Draftfcb Healthcare, securing skilled and diverse employees isn’t just an HR function, it’s a visible part of our agency culture. 
As pharmacy school graduates, we always knew we wanted to work in medical communications. However, there are many pharma students who are unaware that looking outside the typical retail, pharmaceutical company, or hospital sphere can yield a lucrative career. So, Draftftcb pursued an opportunity to bring what’s known as the “PharmD Internship Rotation” to Draftfcb Healthcare. 

PharmD translates to a kind of doctorate in pharmacy. Part of the program includes a nine-month rotation that exposes students to the institutions and practical aspects of the healthcare field. To create the internship, our New York team worked with agency leadership, including members of Draftfcb’s HR and finance teams, in developing a unique rotational opportunity for students at St. John’s University in New York City. The rotation exposes students to the full spectrum of medical communications with both internal teams and clients. Each student is given opportunities to develop and demonstrate skills in written communications, oratory, presentations, and analytical thinking.

Thanks to everyone’s contributions, we launched the PharmD rotation this year and currently have two phenomenal St. John's students making the rounds at Draftfcb Healthcare: Yoonjo Ahn (right) and Irina Tyurina (left). Their time is spent shadowing professionals, working on strategy sessions and creative campaigns, and being exposed to a healthcare career that they may not have considered before.