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The Science of Desire

Tomorrow Simon White, European chief planning officer and European lead of our Institute of Decision Making, will be presenting “The Science of Desire (and how to create it)” with Phil Barden, author of Decoded, atAdvertising Week Europe. They are bringing together some of the key learnings from decision sciences to formulate a new model of thinking with a simple framework which leads to stronger creativity and more effective communications.
During the seminar they will explain how 95% of purchase decision is made unconsciously, operating purely on autopilot, and the primary role of the remaining 5% – conscious or ‘piloted’ thought – is to post-rationalise these instinctive decisions. Traditional marketing models appeal largely to this conscious process, so the opportunity for more effective advertising lies with understanding the science behind the autopilot.
See Simon (left) and Phil (right) discuss the topic further below.
Tune in to the video below at 1pm (GMT) Thursday 21st to watch the full seminar live.