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The Top 5 Reasons To Vote Smokey Bear into the Adverting Week Walk of Fame


Smokey Bear is in the running to be inducted into the Advertising Week’s Walk of Fame, and we need your vote to get him there! Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons you should vote for Smokey. Click here to vote! 

1. He’s a talking bear who gives out hugs

The poignancy of his message, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” recognized by 96 percent of Americans, his lovable nature, his strong bear hugs and that deep Sam Elliott voice all add up to a bear we’d like to hang out with.Smokey Bear Hug

2. He’s an icon

Smokey just turned 70 making him the longest running public service ad icon in history. Since 1944 his old school message has had totally new school results with a decrease in average annual acreage burned by wildfire from 22 million to 6 million. Remember, respect your elders.
Smokey Bear Cub

3. His hat is in a museum

Maybe you’re thinking of the hat Pharrell wore to the Grammys which did just make it into a museum but we are actually talking about the original Smokey Bear campaign hat that made it into a museum first.
Smokey Bear and Pharrell

4. He’s got his own zip code

Smokey received so much fan mail he needed his own zip code. (It’s 20252 – go ahead and write Smokey. He’ll write back.)
Smokey Bear Zip Code

5. He needs only you

He needs your vote. But most of all he needs you to step in and make a difference in wildfire prevention. Douse out that unattended campfire. Make sure those BBQ coals are cold. Don’t drag chains on your car. Even though Smokey would like to be in the Advertising Walk of Fame he’d much rather see all of you in his Wildfire Prevention Hall of Fame.
Smokey Bear - Only You