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The Wall Who Knew Nothing

By Natalie Pillwatsch, copywriter at Draftfcb in Vienna
I just wondered what it´s like to be the wall of this year´s Eurobest seminar room. Having listened to every single word spoken in there. Every soundcheck, every whisper, everything backstage and onstage. Would I know the secret of good ideas? Would I know what the jury wants? Would I know how to win a Grand Prix?
I´d be a foolish wall that thinks it can be an artist after someone nailed a Picasso painting to it.
There are a lot of good advertisers out there and even more wow-that´s-great-why-didn´t-I-think-of-that ideas. However, neither Sir John Hegarty, nor David Droga, nor Geoffrey Hantson can definitively tell why some ideas succeed and some don´t. Because there are no universal ingredients for an award-winning idea.
So, after the seminars, I had to think of Socrates’ words about knowing that he knows nothing. There are all these good people showing their ads and nobody can give the formulae on how to succeed.
“Okay,” I said to myself. “At least these speakers managed to open my eyes, my mind and – many times – my mouth.” And for that little moment I felt ready. Ready to be a wall of fame.