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Victory at the “Adfutures” competition

By Christina Hines, recruiter, New York

As a part of Advertising Week, Draftfcb participated in the AdFutures competition sponsored by The ADVERTISING Club. The competition partners agency mentors with teams of local New York high school students to create an advertising campaign. This year, the Draftfcb mentors teamed with students from the High School of Arts & Technology on a campaign for Keep America Beautiful titled “What Goes Around Comes Around.” Using a mix of research and local community surveys, the team pinpointed a problem: Americans aren’t personally invested in recycling. Their big idea: show the effects of recycling karma by turning recycling into an emotional choice.
With only two weeks to prepare, the Draftfcb team came in second out of 12 schools. An impressive feat, with only three students on our team (while other teams had upwards of 10). Congratulations to our students — Brandon Guerra, Justine Arias and Desiree Baxter — for all of their hard work and dedication! Their print ad successfully delivered a powerful message in a clear and concise way, mixing facts, taglines and bold colors. The end result was a professional and effective campaign ad.

The students weren’t the only ones who found the program meaningful. Draftfcb mentors Deika Abdi, Aurelio Saiz and Don Kim, valued the time spent and thoroughly enjoyed working with the students. As one mentor said to the student: “Please also accept our thanks. It has been a privilege and an inspiration to work with young people as committed as your team was to this!”
While the students may still be deciding what they want they want to do when they ‘grow up,’ their talent is apparent now. With this program, Draftfcb helps to form positive experiences that benefit both employees and students while giving back to the advertising community in a creative way.