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Welcome to 7th Heaven

By Rich Levy, executive creative director, Draftfcb Healthcare

The Draftfcb office space in New York is undergoing overhaul and whenever you’re told that you’re moving to a new ‘open’ seating environment, the first reaction is ‘ why me?’ The renovated space on the 7th floor of Draftfcb New York is just the first phase of a construction project which will eventually touch the entire agency.  But now that the dust has literally settled and it has been a few weeks since many of our team members have made the space their new home, people are seeing the benefits of the new openness and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
The new space allows us to grow, collaborate and maintain our high level of creative excellence.  You can’t help but notice a greater level of communication between all groups within the agency. People are sharing ideas, sharing best practices, and helping each other solve problems (even before they become problems).

Every day the digital team huddles around the new high-top counters while having their morning status meeting. The creative teams are seen concepting in the new team rooms or informal seating areas. And everyone is making good use of the new ‘kitchen tables’ and open areas.
A member of the account group said it best: “It’s like I got a new job – the new space looks great, feels great, and makes working with my team much easier.” A creative team member said: “I didn’t realize how badly our area needed a renovation, until I saw the new space. I love it.”

My favorite quote comes from someone who has framed her thoughts on her desk: “Yes, this is my desk, and yes, I love it.” (Although, I’m not certain if she’s being serious).

Congrats to the entire office services team who helped pull off this amazing feat while dealing with the logistical nightmare. Thank you. As someone else said to me, “the new space looks heavenly.”
I couldn’t agree more.