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What inspires me?

Trishay Kotwal, Creative Director, India
In forty-five minutes, Manchester United takes on Real Madrid in the first knock-out round of the Champions League at Old Trafford. This doesn’t have very much to do with the Draftfcblog, except that it’s stopping me from writing the entry I’ve been asked to. Well, not stopping, but proving a quite formidable distraction. However, since I have committed to it, and also because I’ve run out of excuses for not writing it, here I am.
The subject of my rather tentative effort at combining self-analysis and advertising commentary is, ‘the secret of my creativity’, or, what inspires me. I might as well have been asked to write about the North Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna. And a marine biologist yours truly is not.

What inspires me? I haven’t a clue.  Furthermore, the how, why and general inner working of my, at the best of times, slightly muddled mind, are great subjects for private rumination. But going public was just never part of the buffet. Or so I thought.
A bit of excavating leads me to this. The source of my inspiration is… Love. No, money. No, fame. Rooney’s on the bench. Beauty. Humanity. The Cosmos. Giggs starts. Life. Truth. Is it a 4-5-1, or a 4-2-3-1? Or a 4-4-2? The moon. De Gea better have a good night. Proxima Centauri. Never mind.
It’s like asking me what it is about football that gets me going. Who knows? Everything. Perhaps there isn’t an answer. Or maybe I can’t come up with it because I don’t really need to know. And isn’t that the beauty of it? Or a fantastic new excuse anyway. What inspires me? Old Trafford? Speaking of, there’s Fergie.