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You Are The Leadership

By Jen Maroney, director, User Experience, Draftfcb Healthcare
Leadership isn’t identified by a title, but through the action steps we take to become better professionals. I believe that regardless of the size of our departments, User Experience (UX) practitioners need to be leaders in their organizations -- inspiring, collaborating, and communicating their vision to their agency or company at large. To that end, I gave a talk on March 14 entitled "UX and Healthcare: You are the Leadership" to fellow members of theInteraction Design Association of NYC.
Employing a combination of teachings from the Kadampa Masters from 11th century Tibet, UX methods that have been in practice since the mid-60s and my own insights working at Draftfcb Healthcare, I took a crowd of 80 attendees through my methodology for leading excellent UX work at my agency. I was thrilled with the turnout and the engaging questions from our audience that followed.