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Debonairs Pizza Drives Lunch Time Consumption With ‘Squeaky’ Deal

Press Release - Africa, 07 December 2015

Debonairs Pizza, the country’s leading quick-serve restaurant in the pizza segment, is driving lunch time consumption in the commuter zone with a ‘squeaky’ take for its Real Deal offer of just R19.90.


It features the sad story of a commuter who irritates fellow passengers in the taxi with his lunch and its polystyrene ‘squeak’, especially when the box bursts open and spills his lunch onto his lap. His jovial friend can’t help but rub it in – with Debonairs Pizza’s Real Deal he not only scored himself a tasty meal at a great price, its solid packaging kept it safe and sound during the commute.

The 30-second launch execution was developed by Gareth Paul (Creative Director), Kyra Antrobus (Art Director) and Jessica Everson (Copywriter); and was shot by Hungry Films while post-production was handled by Tessa Ford Post Production and Bladeworks.

Flighting on SABC, ETV, DSTV and Massiv TV during November and December, the campaign also comprises 20-second cut-down and a 10-second sting.



Brand: Debonairs Pizza

Marketing Executive: Toni Joubert

Brand Manager: Lebo Xhola

Creative Agency: FCB Joburg                 

Key Account Management:        

Group Account Manager: Struan Bourquin

Account Director: Sarah Caradoc-Davies

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb

Creative Director: Gareth Paul    

Copywriter:  Jessica Everson                             

Art Director: Kyra Antrobus                                

Strategic Planner: Jane Jacob    

TV Production: Tarisai Mphofa                            

Media Planners: Jedd Cokayne-The Media Shop              

Production Companies: Hungry Films                 

Director: Gareth Paul, Ian Difford                                    

Editor: Tessa Ford                                            

Post-Production: Tessa Ford Post Production, Bladeworks