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Debonairs Pizza reminds fans to take advantage of its free delivery service with new TVC campaign

Press Release - South Africa, 11 April 2019

In a world where convenience comes at a price, South Africa’s leading quick service restaurant in the pizza category, Famous Brands’ Debonairs Pizza, is reminding fans to take advantage of its free delivery service with three punchy television commercials in a campaign called ‘Skaba Dom’. Intended to run over an extended period with different flighting dates for each execution, ‘Skaba Dom’ was shot over two days – one day for the performance scenes and another for the food shots. Created by FCB Joburg’s Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Kabelo Mabaso and Copywriters Matthew Shafto and Kabelo Mabaso, the campaign highlights how – with Debonairs Pizza’s free delivery – South Africans can, well, have their pizza and eat it!


“We don’t need reminding that times are tough. We’re all working hard, but it seems we’re earning less. And, we’re all looking for ways to save,” said Cameron. “One way is to think smart, and cut out those often hidden costs like delivery. So, we think twice before ordering a home delivery. Or we raid the rainy-day reserves to pay for it. Or, we add to our busy schedule by collecting it ourselves. Skaba dom – ‘Don’t be Silly’ – reminds people that they don’t have to factor delivery into the transaction. Skaba dom means no scratching around for a delivery fee that they don’t have. It means no waiting in collection queues to avoid paying for delivery. It means delivery is no longer a service you have to pay for … because Debonairs Pizza delivers for free.”

See the first in the series here:


Creative agency: FCB               

Business Unit Director: Mogani Naidoo

Account Director: Kefilwe Khanda

Account Manager: Kaylyn Naicker

Chief Creative Officer: Ahmed Tilly

Creative Director: Greg Cameron           

Copywriter: Kabelo Mabaso & Matthew Shafto

Art director: Kabelo Mabaso      

Traffic Manager: Theresa Selema                      

TV production: Mun-ying De Lacy                                  

Media planners: Jedd Cokayne and Sulize Janse Van Vuuren                 

Production companies: Darling Films and Hungry Films              

Directors: Chloe Coetsee and Ian Difford                      

Editor: Tessa Ford and Left Post                                               

Post-production: Tessa Ford Post Production and Left Post

Audio post-production: Audio Militia