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FCB Cape Town & NetFlorist Show Guys The Power Of Flowers

Press Release - South Africa, 24 June 2016

NetFlorist, South Africa’s largest same-day gift and flower delivery service, recently challenged its agency to get guys to send their gals more flowers more often, not just on anniversaries and birthdays.

FCB’s solution?  Happy Cam, a camera hidden in the NetFlorist driver’s peak that captured the look on the recipient’s face when she opened the door to a fragrant bunch of beautiful blooms.

“The team’s rational,” said FCB Cape Town Executive Creative Director, Mike Barnwell, “was that if guys could see how happy receiving flowers made their girls feel, they’d send them more often. 

“NetFlorist drivers witness these joyful moments every day, so we came up with a way that we could record them and share them with those responsible.” 

A targeted online campaign directed guys to the NetFlorist site. There, they saw a new button: ‘Happy Cam’. By clicking this button when they ordered, they activated the Happy Cam and the reaction of their loved ones were filmed and sent back to the generous fellows.  


“With Happy Cam, guys all over South Africa were finally getting what the big deal was with flowers,” said Barnwell.

“And they could share these videos with friends and encourage them to order too. Now South African guys know the power of flowers, and that they are not just for special occasions, but to make people happy every day.”

Watch Happy Cam at work here: