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New Bonitas TVC Delivers Highly-Focused Message

Press Release - South Africa, 14 July 2016

A new television commercial from FCB Joburg for Bonitas Medical Fund is delivering a highly-focused message that prompts South Africans to question exactly what their medical aid gives them.

According to Melanie Le Roux, Marketing, Branding and Communications Executive of Bonitas Marketing, the Fund is the second largest open medical scheme in South Africa.

Administered by Medscheme Holdings (Pty) Ltd, it aims to make quality healthcare accessible to all South Africans and offers a wide range of products that are simple to understand, easy to use and give members more value for money.

“Our plans are carefully crafted to meet the needs of people from all walks of life – whether it’s a distinguished corporate executive, an up-and-coming entrepreneur or minimum wage earner,” she said. 


“Our members know that when things get tough, Bonitas is there to support them and take care of the little details so that they can receive the best of care and focus on getting better.”

Last year, Bonitas embarked on a campaign to cut through the clutter on the country’s television screens to remind viewers of its focus – no frills, just great medical aid. This it achieved with a commercial called ‘Focus’.

This year’s campaign, which broke a few weeks ago in June, builds off ‘Focus’ to further drive the message that Bonitas offers medical aid the way it should be.


“Our ‘Focus’ ad served well to differentiate the Bonitas brand from its competitors: it built rational attributes and distinctiveness in the market,” said Le Roux.

“The challenge put to FCB Joburg was to develop a new campaign that built on this foundation to assist Bonitas meet its marketing objectives – increase brand penetration, differentiate it in a category awash with aggressive competitors and continue to cut through clutter – which would in turn satisfy its new business acquisition targets.


“This afforded Bonitas the opportunity to be the consumer champion.

“What differentiates Bonitas from its competitors is pretty simple. You pay for medical aid and you get medical aid. It seems like something that should be taken for granted, but is actually pretty novel in the category. So why not have some fun with it,” added le Roux.


“The 30-second TVC therefore simply shows a marketing team in a brainstorm situation. They’re stumped by the very statement that is supposed to inspire them: ‘They pay us for cover and we …?’  Suddenly, one of team has a Eureka moment. He strides to the whiteboard and the sentence … ‘given them what they pay for.’

 “Bang! There you have it. Bonitas has this crazy new idea - it’s called ‘Medical Aid’. The take-out for viewers couldn’t be clearer – what am I paying for?” 

View the ad here:


The 30-second TVC was shot in Sandton in just one day. It was edited by Nova Post Production, and will flight on SABC, ETV and DSTV channels for a year. It’s too early to gauge the effectiveness of the TVC, but it has had over 260 000 views on YouTube in two weeks.

Complementing the new TVC are several 15-second spots, each a different ‘eureka’ moment, for use on TV and digital platforms. The purpose of these is to act as proof points to what a medical aid should be, and make the viewer question if their own medical aid measures up. These are shot in the same style and tone as the TVC. You can view one of these shorter spots here:


Client: Bonitas Medical Fund

Marketing Executive: Melanie Le Roux

Creative agency: FCB                           

Executive Business Director: Mike Di Terlizzi

Account Director: Sarah Caradoc-Davies

Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb      

Creative Director: Gareth Paul               

Copywriter:  David Schild                     

Art director: Nicola Bower                                 

Strategic planner: Jade Dos Santos      

TV production: Vanessa Borthwick & Tidimalo Motlhamme                                 

Media planners: Richard Lord - The Media Shop                        

Editor: Nova Post Production                                       

Post-production: Nova Post Production