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The Toyota Corolla makes fans fall in love with driving again

Press Release - South Africa, 22 February 2017

‘Waku-doki’ (the Japanese expression for “heart-pumping” excitement) is a philosophy that drives Toyota’s marketing and it’s at the center of the latest “Love Driving” campaign for the new Corolla.

South Africans have always loved the Corolla and with the launch of the new model, they are destined to fall in love with it all over again. The commercial shows a driver who just can’t contain his love and excitement for his new Corolla. As a result, an imaginary R&B group appear in the backseat and serenade the Corolla with a super catchy love song.

Created by Creative Directors Tian Van Den Heever and Simon Fabricius, Copywriter Lazola Gola and Art Director Jacques Moodley following a strategic brief from FCB Joburg’s Strategic Director, Kabelo Lehlongwane, the 30-second spot was shot by Bioscope Films in Johannesburg on a four-day shoot.

You can view the ad here:

Intended to also reinforce the vehicle’s reputation for reliability, dependability and practicality, the ad’s prime objectives are to draw awareness to the Toyota Corolla’s new design as well as highlight driving enjoyment it delivers.

Seamlessly highlighting the vehicle’s new features – sophisticated design, improved safety and convenience and revised interior styling – it targets males between the ages of 35 and 49, and is supported by digital media, social, radio, outdoor, magazine and newspaper executions.

“The sheer joy and satisfaction of driving a Toyota Corolla are very evident on the driver’s face,” said Toyota’s Senior Manager of Advertising & Digital Marketing, Aidan Castille. “He genuinely loves his Toyota, and this makes his heart beat faster. It’s a true waku-doki moment for him each time he reaches out to open that driver’s door.”


Client: Toyota SA

Brand: Corolla

Senior Manager of Advertising & Digital Marketing: Aidan Castille

Brand Manager: Zhandre Brandt

Creative agency: FCB Joburg

Executive Business Director: Reagen Kok

Account Director:  Nicole Malan

Project Manager: Christine Lubbe

Executive Creative Director:  Brett Morris

Creative Director: Tian Van Den Heever and Simon Fabricius

Copywriter: Lazola Gola                        

Art director: Jacques Moodley  

Strategic planner:  Kabelo Lehlongwane

TV production:  Nakita Bolus    

Media planners: Sonet Geyer, Whitley Stallbaum and Gwen Bezuidenhout

Production companies: Bioscope films, Upstairs Ludas, Frequency sound