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The story of Beacon began in January 1931 when Hymie Zulman, an emigrant from Lithuania, arrived in Durban and, for £500 pounds, bought Durban Confectionery and Spice Works, which had recently closed down.

Mr Zulman had been in South Africa for eight years by that stage and had learnt to speak some English. He had worked in the old Transvaal in a variety of jobs, which included being a Tea Room assistant, working in a confectionery and bakery factory, then a small sweet factory and finally running his own trading store. He married Mary Zulman in November 1930 and they arrived in Durban in January 1931 to start a new life together.

Durban Confectionery and Spice Works (DCW) was a small double-storey building in Commercial Road, situated near the Durban Station and alongside Lockhat Bros, a very big and successful wholesaling company. It was old Mr Lockhat who in the early days used to lend Mr Zulman money on Fridays to pay wages. Mr Zulman would repay MrLockhat on Tuesdays when the big bazaars paid for their sweets, a cycle of events which continued until Mr Zulman was able to run without that weekly support.This arrangement established a permanent friendship between the Lockhat and Zulman families.

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