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Road Accident Fund

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) / the Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS)

The RAF is a public entity established in terms of the Road Accident Fund Act to pay compensation “for loss or damage wrongfully caused by the driving of motor vehicles”.  But, the RAF will shortly be replaced by the Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS). The RABS Bill, which will usher in the new scheme, served before Parliament in the first semester of 2017, and is now in the next phase of the legislative process.  As is the case with the RAF, the RABS will be funded by the fuel levy. 

The RABS will provide a set of pre-defined benefits on a no-fault basis, replacing the current adversarial system under the RAF - promoting social security and social solidarity, and expanding access and equity.  The RABS is essentially designed as a social benefit scheme to provide a safety net - based on social security principles - to those injured in road crashes and the dependents of breadwinners who are killed as a result of road crashes. 

It aims to provide a more sustainable and equitable offering for victims of road crashes in South Africa and their dependents. 

The RABS will provide cover, care, compensation and support to road crash victims through:

  • Benefits for medical expenses, income support, family support, funeral benefits, rehabilitation and vocational support.
  • Pro-active assistance to crash victims and family members.  The emphasis will be on effective access to medical and vocational rehabilitation to improve victims’ chances of re-entering the workplace and mainstream economy.


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