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‘For God’s Sake’ - An Adman on the Business of Religion

​An advertising person constantly strives to connect market research data to insights to come up with a winning campaign. Ambi Parameswaran, executive director and CEO of Draftfcb Ulka, being an experienced adman wanted to combine his experience with his interest in religious studies. He had spent a substantial amount of time researching "Religiosity and Consumer Behaviour" for his PhD thesis. As he completed his PhD, he realized that on the topic of religiosity and consumer behavior there was very little written that was accessible to the lay reader. This led to the idea of writing a book that looked at myriad ways in which consumer behaviour in India is influenced and guided by religious beliefs and practices.
Ambi Parameswaran has filled this book with personal stories, anecdotes, lessons and excerpts from research and other publications. Here's what a charged up Ambi had to say, "This book is a bit different from my previous books. It is not just focused on branding and advertising, but has a broader sweep of this fascinating area we call religiosity and consumer behavior."
This book is a treat for anyone interested in how religiosity is evolving in India and how clever marketers have ridden the wave by tailoring their products and services. It truly is a fascinating book on the business of Indian religion.

Ambi shares some insight from the book here: