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Always Leaping Higher

This is the fourth installment of the Global Talent Spotlight, an in-depth look at employees from all over the globe who take their creativity to the next level. From street artists, singers and comedians to painters, authors and documentarians, our FCB family is full of amazingly interesting people who all have a story to share. 

My name is Lyne Gandour and I work at Horizon FCB. New to advertising (I joined Horizon FCB as my first job), I have been dancing my entire life. I teach 11 classes a week and have always been fond of coming up with endless choreography for shows and events. Call me a workaholic, but I never wanted this lifestyle to stop. I was a little nervous for this massive shift in my life, as I had never experienced a work-life balance. Worrying thoughts stayed in the back of my mind until the day I officially started my job, and I was gladly proven wrong. And, to my delight, dance has been the most essential tool in my new independent life.

As many artists would tell you, art is incredibly useful and important in the business world. Many people find that it is immensely valuable to blow off steam or stress after a long day at work, whether it is a scenic or regular walk, a ceramics class, a few hours at the gym or, in my case, a couple hours of dance. However, I have found that being a dancer is very different from being a choreographer or even a dance teacher. Being a choreographer is not just about enjoying a good session, it is about creating it for others. This is what first overwhelmed me when I graduated from college. I wondered how I would find the time to work and dance. Or more accurately, would I have a reserve of positive energy to be successful at both?

In some ways, being a choreographer is like being a mother. It is something I love to do, and I am so happy to do it since it is innate for me, but I do have to assume responsibilities and make sure that my children (or students) have the time, energy and resources they need. This is what being a dance teacher is like. Not only personally enjoying the art of it, but creating it and making sure it sustains. 

This is exactly what happened at Horizon FCB for me. 

My experience in dance has altered my main goal, which was to be the most successful member in the company. Having an artistic background has showed me this one very important thing. Our work is no different than children are to a mother or dances to a choreographer. As I have begun to form stronger relationships with my clients, I have started to see them just as I see my dances. It is not just about me being the best junior account executive possible. It is bigger than me. My priority is to make my clients the most spoiled and happy clients out there.

Art has helped me appreciate receiving from others, and in turn, I now value – even more – giving to others. Yes, I could simply do my duty and give my clients what they ask for and stick by the rules. There is nothing wrong with that. But once you experience that pleasure of creating and finding that wonderfully satisfying moment of always digging deeper, you find wonders. Staying in my comfort zone now ceases to be enough for me. My life has taken on another meaning, whether it’s related to my business, my personal relationships or my own personal matters.

You start a fire that is hard to tame and always find yourself wanting to give your all. You always want to give and give, not because it is a duty but because that’s just your new definition of “satisfied.” 

Your work becomes your art, your relationships become your art and your whole life becomes your art. You are much greater than a receiver, you are a giver.

Check out Lyne's "Hip-hip classes by Lyne Gandour" Facebook page.