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A Summary of Eurobest 2012

By Anita Giavoni, junior copywriter at Draftfcb in Milan

The Eurobest Festival, which took place in Lisbon last week, is an essential experience for those interested in creativity. I say this to not only to those who, like me, have only dipped one little toe into the world of advertising, but also for all veterans.
Philip Thomas introduced the twenty-fifth edition of the festival, reminding all present the importance of participating. "You have to be there!" He said, "Enter your campaigns, view the work, spend the whole day inside the building to breathe the air of the Festival and listen to the best players in your industry. Don’t just come for the parties." He then showed an infographic demonstrating how the European agencies are losing market share in the Lions to the rest of the world.
As a proud European creative I do not want to see this trend continue, so I have summarised the best insights and lessons from the festival for those of you who could not attend.
The best ideas are simple and simple ideas do not cost much money.
Listen to this not because I say so, but because David Droga also believes it. For me, it was further confirmation that creativity can be found everywhere, but we do not always realize it, which leads to my next point:
Anything can be a stimulus if you are able to get out of your box and see it.
Graffitti artist and painter Niels Shoe Meulman’s interest in Japanese ancient brush characters, Arabic pictorial scripts, and illuminated mediaeval books combined with his love of street art, studying and combining the rules of both resulted in Calligraffiti: traditional handwriting with a metropolitan attitude. Niels Shoe Meulman has left his calligraffitti as a work of art permanently, publicly and freely accessible on the walls of Lisbon. He then used a broom to repeat the exploits of his Louis Vuitton campaign "The Greatest Word" live at the Cinema Sao Jorge. To see someone demonstrate how you can create something beautiful by combining passions was very inspiring.

Nobody wants a risky day, everybody wants an exciting day.
John Hegarty energised the entire audience to find the right approach with clients. While the theme of the festival was creative bravery, he warned against using the word "risk" in common vocabulary because the negative connotations of loss are harmful to our goals as agencies. He left us with wise counsel that if we create ‘exciting’ campaigns, the client will be more enthusiastic.

I will apply this wisdom to get the most out of my work in the future, and I hope you will too. I thank my agency for giving me the opportunity to attend and urge you to visit next year.

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